As the daughter of military folks who traveled, I began at an early age to enjoy what my parents produced with their cameras. We were always anxious to see how the photos would turn out; oh, how they would love the digital photography today.
With photography, I am able to show you my vision of the country, which concentrates in Texas and New England.  I consider myself a landscape photographer that also loves wildlife and just about any creature with legs, fins or wings for that matter.  Photography for me is not just about taking a picture.  It is about capturing a beautiful scene that will never be exactly the same again.  I have driven by trees that are on fire with stunning red leaves that beg for a photographer.  I am the one.
Light is critical and timing is everything;  sometimes you must keep going to the same location again and again to get it just right.  Hopefully you get lucky, you have planned well and nature cooperates.
Photography is critical to conservation.  It is so important for us and those that follow to see nature as something utterly beautiful and worth saving.  Global warming is affecting everything quickly – it is up to us as photographers and citizens to keep this awareness in the forefront of everyone’s mind.
Take your time.  I hope you enjoy my galleries.